Tenant Handbook

General Safety

The property management office takes many precautions to protect tenant property; however, tenants are entirely responsible for the security of their areas. By following a few simple guidelines, much can be done to eliminate or reduce incidents of theft or intruders.


  • Never leave the main door(s) of a suite unlocked while the reception area is unattended, even momentarily. This may be the single most important step in preventing thefts and intruders from entering your suite. They know it is not uncommon for reception areas to be left unattended, especially when a firm is at the opening of the business day, during lunch hours, and at the close of the business day.
  • Never prop open the main entry or exit door of a suite. Rear doors or secondary entrances should remain locked.
  • Hang coats away from the entrance to reduce the possibility of theft. Keep valuables out of sight at all times. Only minimal amounts of cash should be kept in the office. Stamps and cash should be locked in an office safe.
  • Keep purses and gift packages out of sight and locked inside a cabinet or desk if possible. Experts say the bottom left hand drawer is the first place a professional thief will look. Lock desks when unoccupied.
  • The building prohibits all solicitors and peddlers. Please call the property management office immediately to report any solicitors so that they may be properly escorted from the building.
  • Do not let persons other than your employees and clients into building restrooms.
  • Building personnel are always ready to properly identify themselves. Persons posing as building personnel should be reported to the property management office immediately. Every tenant has the right and responsibility to question all those who enter their suite for proper identification.
  • Legitimate messenger service personnel carry proper identification. If a messenger does not produce identification when asked, please call the property management office immediately.
  • Receptionists should be instructed to keep all visitors in the reception area, and ask the person being visited to greet the visitor. This will reduce the possibility of unauthorized people entering a tenant space.
  • Valuables should be stored in a safe place. Doors should be locked after hours. The property management office and/or courtesy staff should be contacted if any suspicious persons are noticed in the office areas.